‘The transformation of human to beast is a central aspect in pagan rituals passed down over the centuries that celebrate the turn of the seasons, fertility, life and death – some still alive today in carnival or Advent traditions. The costumes often represent the devil, billy-goats, wild boars or the Grim Reaper; they utilize masks, horns, bells, animal materials such as fur and bones, and plant materials such as straw and pine twigs’, says Robert McLiam Wilson about the fascinating photographic series ‘Wilder Man’

by Charles Fréger. More then just simply showing us the traditional european pagan rituals which fortunately still exist to this day, it more makes us understand the deep connection we once had with nature and spirituality. Even in this digital age, our human longing for myths, rituals and spiritual traditions remains unbroken. Fréger’s photographs of demons, animal spirits, hybrids and devils are reminiscent of the old Gods we once believed in and that are still lurking beneath the surface.