A sculptural, static snapshot into the transient nature of time, and the connection to nature are all characteristic features to the work of UK artist, Claire Morgan. The transitions and revision in nature are stunningly captured in thousands of laboriously-installed “freeze-frames” – all of which are detailed in a microcosmic fashion. Claire sites that there is a sense of “fragility” in her sculptures as there is a lack solidity within them. This in turn perfectly encapsulates the recurrent motif that life embodies the very same principle – that of fragility. Throughout her installations, taxidermy animals are suspended into a lapse of gravity, and are either drawn to a force pertaining to life, or are plucked into a deathly, dark abyss. The unknown is an important element to her work, and helps reinforce the ideal that its energy is as static as a freeze-frame moment in time.

Text: Adwena Shemon


© Images : Claire Morgan