With its association to Classical and contemporary art movements, Claudio Parmiggani creates sculptural and conceptual works of art which associate with themes of absence, and the mnemonic nature of time. In this untitled work exhibiting within the Simon Lee Gallery in Hong Kong, Parmiggani uses Classical motifs and iconography as though they were mere remnants, or fragments of a world forgotten. The assemblage of plaster heads which mimic antiquity in aesthetic, allude to the notion that antiquity has become a mere echo to the rubble of an ancient world. The artist also alludes to the mysteriousness of silence, memory and absence within the work all the more immortalising the piece with an association to a celestial constellation – It could well and truly remind us all of the sheer mortality of a world which once was, and in the overarching universal scheme of things, it is an echo of a memory.

Text: Adwena Shemon


© Images: Claudio Parmiggani