Leonadro Drew constructs giant art pieces filled with memories of his childhood

Leonardo Drews sculptures are massive constructions made of various materials like wood, paper, cotton, mud or rusted iron. Through weathering, burning and oxidization he transforms these materials into sculptures which evoke in us the feeling of natural decaying. A theme, often recurring in his works, and a topic similar we previously discovered withBerlinde de Bruyckere. While entering the space, his works have an aggressive feeling to it, big iron and wooden pieces reaching out, pointing towards you. But then, you come closer and in between those sharp and cold materials, you will find a sentimental story. A small shoe, a little toy plane, innocent memories of his own childhood. Growing up in a housing project in Tallahassee, Florida, Leonardo Drews sculptures are ultimately also a critic on social injustices

Photography Julie Gomoll  |  Image Editing SORN/Studio