Parisian-born artist and photographer Noémie Goudal creates contemporary landscape-photography which highlights the duality behind nature and modernity. Her work although refined in aesthetic, intentionally invites viewers into a parallel portal of convention-defying imagery. Nature, architecture and landscape are all elements within Goudal’s visual dialogue, however there is a poetic theatricality behind her work which remains startlingly paradoxical in relation to her subject.

Her Observatries (2014) series is a key example of this power-play between architecture, landscape and nature respectively. In  Observatries (2014), brutalist architecture is contrasted in a monochromatic, sparse, yet natural surrounding. This draws attention to the the central architectural structures as key subject, however what is transformative within these images is their eerie encounter with a once uninhabited landscape. The underlying truth Goudal portrays in these powerful photographs, is that nature has its own solipsistic resonance which revokes any attempt of interruption – regardless of how monumental, or grandiose its structural co-inhabitant may seem.

Text: Adwena Shemon 


© Images :  Noémie Goudal