‘Luminous Phenomena Made of Glass’ by Josepha Gasch-Muche

Josepha Gasch-Muche is a German Glass artist. She uses ultra-thin wafers of very special glass, applying thousands of extremely delicate pieces of glass in layers on canvases or inflexible media and fixing them in place with virtually invisible glue, she creates wall-mounted pictures and three-dimensional objects. When light strikes the layered glass, the surfaces come formidably alive. Everything changes when the viewer alters his angle of view or the light shifts, its rays captured and reflected

by the protean and endlessly mutable relief as it erupts in vibrant motion. This book is the first monograph about the artist’s oeuvre. Taking its cue from the basic vocabulary of geometry that Josepha Gasch-Muche subjects to an ongoing creative process of repetition and variation, it is divided into five sections: squares, quadrilaterals, and cubes; triangles and pyramids; circles and fragments; words and numbers; books, ornaments, and vestments of light.