Artist and musician Steven Parrino was renowned for creating energetic, abstract paintings with an attention to monochromatic deconstruction. Parrino’s large-scale canvases with their Rothko-esque colour palette, were typically slashed and torn by the artist as a means to symbolise the Neo-Geometric archetype – that all art is merely a mechanisation for commercialism in a modern world. Neo-Geo art, particularly that of Parrino’s was highly influenced  by French art theorist, Jean Baudrillard who attested that geometry was in fact an invariable metaphor for our own society and its cyclical draw to consumerism. In the instance of Parrino, his entire oeuvre was related to highlighting this concept through mixed-modernist ideals, and markedly dismantling methods of traditional painterly practice.

Text: Adwena Shemon

© Steven Parrino