Take a Look Behind The Dystopian Rick Owens A/W 15 Show

After the tragic loss of Alexander McQueen in 2010 we have sough long for someone who would, not in any way replace him, but who shares a similar approach on modern fashion. In the recent years Rick Owens was going through a evolution that makes him now, just as McQueen, a true storyteller. With his latest A/W 15 Show he delicately takes us with him on a journey through the deserted landscapes of the Dubai desert.

There he went on a trip and felt somehow eerie about this place on earth. ‘Ancient and futuristic at the same time. And then, everything has gold slapped on it’, he said in an interview with Suzannah Frankel back in 2014. His description immediately reminds us of the remaining Star Wars location that still can be found in the Tunisian desert, almost forgotten, slowly being swallowed by layers of sand and time. This evokes in us the idea of a post-apocalyptic future, what once was gold, shiny and beautiful is now peeling, disintegrating and leaving only the most essential alive.



© Guillaume Roujas & Valerio Mezzanotti