The poetical creation symbiose between spiders and artist Tomás Saraceno

Spiders represent in many cultures a symbol of good fortune. ‘In Ancient Egypt, the spider was associated with the goddess Neith in her aspect as spinner and weaver of destiny. In Japan legends tells of a mythological spider figure called Jorōgumo which is portrayed as being able to transform into a seductive woman. In some instances, the Jorōgumo attempts to seduce and perhaps marry passing samurai. In other instances she is venerated as a goddess dwelling in the Jōren Falls who saves people from drowning’. (Source)

Argentianian Artist Tomás Saraceno takes inspiration from varies fields such as architecture, space exploration, science fiction and geometric forms found in the biological sciences. His latest work redefines the relationship between human and nature. Each sculpture was constructed by different species of spiders placed within the geometric box. During the spiders web construction period, each cube was rotated, defying gravity, resulting into these masterly and beautiful constructed sculptures. tomas_saraceno_tanya_bonakdar_web_1tomas_saraceno_tanya_bonakdar_web_2tomas_saraceno_tanya_bonakdar_web_5tomas_saraceno_tanya_bonakdar_web_3tomas_saraceno_tanya_bonakdar_web_11tomas_saraceno_tanya_bonakdar_web_6tomas_saraceno_tanya_bonakdar_web_12

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