Werkstatt : München

With a combination of art and baroque beauty, Berlin-based jewelry artistans Werkstatt : München create timeless pieces which reflect a romance with industrialism. Founder and designer Klaus Lohmeyer insists that keeping his work entirely hand-made is an important paradox within his work, as craftsmanship is what he proclaims to be akin to nature itself. Having worked alongside Ann Demeulemeester post 1998, his work although at times collaborative, pays special attention to the notion that jewelry takes on its own interpersonal value upon ownership. With its sometimes opulent resonance, the metalwork craft behind Werkstatt : München finds homage in timeless designs and as such, is afforded a unique and personalised nuance which extends beyond the confines of object and function.

Text:  Adwena Shemon



 © Image: Werkstatt : München